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This is me

I am a writer, marketer, content consultant, and parent to a mischievous mix-breed, rescue dog. With nearly a decade of experience as a content strategist with leading e-commerce organisations under my belt, I now work as an independent content and branding consultant helping brands build beautiful identities and weave stories with purpose. I am passionate about mental health and wellbeing, wildlife conservation, productivity and personal growth, and I actively choose to work with clients who embody a similar ideology.

Content Strategy  Writing  Campaign Ideation

 Branding   Social Media Strategy

Lectures    Content Team Mentoring 

Creative Conceptualization

I advise start-ups
and D2C brands on content campaigns & brand strategy

I started my career as an account executive at a mid-tier advertising agency. Setting up review meetings, writing brand briefs and liaising with clients was a majority of my job profile. A few years later, however, I realised I was feeling creativity unsatisfied; I wanted to write, and be on the ideation and creation side of things. That’s when I made a switch.


I moved from advertising to content marketing and went on to work with some of India’s leading e-commerce platforms, heading their content division. From building and mentoring young writers, to developing creative campaigns, I have worked for industries across the board (such as lifestyle, real-estate, travel, food & beverage, fashion and more) to build brand identities, cultivate strategies and strengthen marketing campaigns through content.


Now, I work as an independent content & branding consultant to guide business owners of upcoming brands to help them achieve their business and brand goals. 

From small scale to large, I've worked with brands across sectors and sizes to help build beautiful stories, create meaningful impact and meet business goals through effective content and marketing strategies.

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